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COVID-19 Protocols

Please do not pause to phone our support team where you need to understand more about help and instructions on getting COVID-19 testing in your regional neighborhood.  Rest assured, we’re working hard to help keep you safe. We pre-screen all potential clients prior to entry at our treatment center.

50 Therapeutic Mental Health Journal Prompts

At We Level Up Treatment Center provides world-class care with round-the-clock medical professionals available to help you cope. In addition, we work as an integrated team providing information about the 50 Therapeutic Journal Prompts for Mental Health and other aspects of treatment.

Primary insomnia means your sleep problems aren’t linked to other health conditions. Secondary insomnia is when symptoms arise from a primary medical illness, mental disorders, or other sleep disorders. Continue to read more about primary insomnia.

Anxiety & Depression at an All Time Record High. Symptoms & Tips for Depression Treatment. How To Cope With Anxiety? How to Cope with Depression?

30% of all Americans are exhibiting signs of clinical anxiety & or depression disorder, Census Bureau data shows, an alarming sign of the psychological toll from the COVID virus. It is abnormal for this many Americans to feel depressed. When questioned about mental health problems, 24% of respondents showed heightened signs of major depressive disorder while 30% showed symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.