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What is a Depressive Episode and Helpful Tips to Recover

During a depressive episode, a person will typically experience a low or depressed mood and/or loss of interest in most activities, as well as several other symptoms. These symptoms are usually present every day or almost every day, for at least two weeks. Continue to read to get the facts about depressive episodes.

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The We Level Up FL recovery center is licensed and accredited, offering dedicated specialized behavioral health inpatient care. Specialists provide around the clock treatment for primary mental health conditions like depression to anxiety as well as dual diagnosis therapy for residential substance abuse rehabilitation in private campus like settings. Our highest level of care is designed to advance long-term recovery outcomes.

Personality disorders are described by ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving differently from social expectations, causing problems functioning or distress. If you have a mental personality disorder, you have difficulty perceiving and relating to people and situations. Learning the difference between borderline personality and bipolar disorders is crucial for proper treatment.

Difference Between Bipolar and BPD, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications & Symptoms

BPD vs Bipolar are mood disorders involving intense mood swings and other symptoms. However, there are essential differences between them. Periodic manic and depressive episodes, typically accompanied by variations in energy levels, sleep schedules, and activity levels, are the hallmarks of bipolar disorder, a mood disease. A personality disorder known as BPD is characterized by instability in one’s self-perception, emotions, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships.