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Alumni Support

Alumni Programs Reduce Risk of Recurrence

Alumni support and aftercare are vital to your continued recovery success. It is crucial to continue aftercare outpatient primary mental health and co-occurring secondary addiction treatment. Because many people relapse during the course of recovery. That’s why it is crucial to continue aftercare outpatient addiction treatment.

Mental health nor its co-occurring alcohol and drug treatment are not a quick and singular process. It doesn’t stop when you successfully complete treatment.  Let’s face reality. Co-occurring relapse prevention is an everyday challenge. Old negative behaviors, temptations, and obstacles will get in your way, and you’ll have to learn to cope with each challenge as it comes up. 

Alumni support programs aim to help former clients maintain their progression and sobriety for co-occurring mental health SUD patients. This is done by providing communication, advice, encouragement, and behavioral health, and or sober activities. Alumni programs reduce the risk of recurrence by discouraging isolation. Many find post-treatment alumni support programs valuable because the behavioral rehabilitation process is a challenging and transformational experience that those who have not gone through it rarely understand.

Benefits Of Behavorial Health Alumni Support

  • An alumni program may help you build and sustain a meaningful relationship with individuals who understand what you’ve been through. In addition, it will keep you connected with your behavioral and sober support groups. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to try exciting new things for free.
  • The Alumni support team, through social events, helps keep alumni clients in positive spirits as members discuss their behaviroal and sobriety recovery experiences. Being part of a group allows participants to have a sense of belonging and it rebuild their sense of identity as a social being. They also gain insight on the transition into home life and provide updates and insights to others. Participants can also learn about and access new programs and organizations.

Alumni Support
Alumni Support can be critical to one’s long-term recovery success.
  • Community-based programs like volunteering can instill gratitude in individuals. Volunteering gives them a sense of purpose. Other benefits of volunteering include developing new skills, and maintaining empathy. By giving back to others, individuals practice compassion while feeling love for others and love for themselves. 
  • It is important that you are not alone when you are going through recovery. Isolation may trigger a relapse. You can find support through activities and volunteer work. The Alumni network helps a lot in this area because they bring sober people together to enjoy sober activities and workshops.
  • Our alumni support activities are safe and fun.  From time to time we may have small celbratory get togethers, events or parties. And the alumni team may go out together, and promote local events like soft ball. Behaviroal recovery and relapse prevention doesn’t mean being anti-social! It is easy to be involved. Community members are supportive and open to new members. Our alumni committee works with our staff to determine activities and to schedule of events.

Reasons to Participate in an Alumni Program

Here are some reasons why you need to participate in an alumni program:

  • Alumni support helps individuals to stay connected to the recovery community.
  • It can provide a smooth passage between a treatment program and everyday life.
  • Provides tools for preventing reversion back to old negative behaviros and relapse via an alumni program support.
  • It allows the individuals to participate in volunteer service to give back to the community.
  • Access to behaviral recovery and co-occuring substance abuse education, relapse prevention programs, and workshops are provided through alumni programs.
  • Individuals are able to practice new life skills learned in treatment.
  • It provides encouragement, support, and hope from individuals who understand and empathize.
  • Fellowship with others who share a common goal is attained through alumni programs.

Primary Behaviroal & Secondary Addiction Disorders Recovery Treatment

Aftercare alumni services are available after you successfully complete our treatment programs. Our mission is to provide you with services to help you get a fresh start in life. The key is to embrace treatment as openly as you can.

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information [1], peer support groups included in treatment show much promise in potentially reducing co-occurring substance use, improving engagement, reducing HIV/HCV risk behaviors, and improving substance-related outcomes.

Before you can start on the path of behavioral rehab alumni aftercare, you need to work through proper treatment programs for co-occurring substance abuse disorders.

Inpatient medical detox and residential primary checmial dependence treatment may be available at our affiliated facility at Level Up Treatment Center West Palm Beach. For some primary behavioral health treatment patients, medical detox may be needed first.  If you have a co-occurring severe substance abuse diagnosis, please reach out prior to beginning inpatient mental health therapy. Treatment services may vary. Please call us to discover which therapy options are most suited for your specific needs.

Co-occurring secondary addiction disorders may include:

The type of primary behavioral and co-occurring secondary SUD disorder treatments provided will depend on the type of disorder and level of severity. We’ll provide a full free behavioral assessment to help you find suitable treatment options.

Take control of your life today. Our friendly mental health specialists won’t give up on you. The continuation of intensive, high-quality programs after leaving residential treatment helps assure the likelihood of continued recovery and co-occurring addiction sobriety. All clients are eligible and receive after-care support and planning. We Level Up FL offers a free alumni support program demonstrates our commitment to client success. We invest in your recovery even after you leave.


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