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Behavioral Health

Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder Explained

It is conceivable to experience both depression and anxiety simultaneously: According to a global poll conducted in 2015, 41.6% of respondents said they experienced both serious depression and an anxiety condition over a 12-month period. Keep reading to understand more about these two conditions combined.

Depression Weight Loss: What’s The Link?

A decrease in appetite brought on by depression can eventually result in accidental weight loss. Some people might view this as a beneficial side effect, but rapid or excessive weight loss might be dangerous to your health. Keep reading to learn more about this condition.

What Is The Difference Between Sadness and Depression?

Sadness is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences occasionally. Sadness is a common response to situations that leave us feeling hurt or unhappy. Depression, on the other hand, is a long-term mental illness. It affects how well people perform in social, professional, and other spheres. Keep reading to learn how to manage this condition.

Can Birth Control Cause Depression?

Mood swings and other emotional adverse effects are experienced by some hormonal birth control users. Changes can occasionally be beneficial, such as reducing your irritability or anxiousness. However, other women claim to experience depression or a severe emotional roller coaster that caused them to stop using hormonal contraceptives. Keep reading to learn more about this condition.

Can Birth Control Cause Anxiety? Which Type Is Best For You?

Anxiety and birth control: In order to prevent pregnancy, many people in the United States utilize hormonal birth control at some point in their lives. Some people believe that the additional hormones produced by birth control may influence your mood and make you feel more worried. To understand more about this condition, keep reading.

CBT for ADHD Management, Examples & Efficacies for Adults

CBT for ADHD aims to help you address and revise cognitive distortions and habits affecting your productivity and emotional mindset. This approach doesn’t just help improve your motivation and focus, either. It can also lead to improved emotional and mental well-being overall. Continue to read to learn more about CBT for ADHD.