We Level Up FL Mental Health Center Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Team is Accountable, Caring, Attentive, Highly Specialized and Well Trained for Complex Behavioral Health cases

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Highest Standards for Quality Care

Your care is backed by a professional dual diagnosis treatment centers management and clinical team that has tirelessly trained to deliver the very highest standards of excellence in mental health treatment. You’ll be welcomed into a warm and attentive treatment center with a team dedicated to improving your positive recovery outcome. We have an incredibly complex dual diagnosis treatment team with a history of:

  • Gold Seal Joint Commission Recipient
  • Recovery success stories under management team
  • Years of experience as mental health professionals
  • Exceptional / Low Therapist Ratio

Highly Specialized Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

We Level Up FL’s collaborative team of mental health specialists, doctors, nurses & behavioral health counselors aim to provide the highest caliber of evidence-based treatment. Our treatment specialists are well versed in what works and how to deliver treatment to achieve real success.

They have the training and in-depth experience needed to treat multiple co-occurring diagnoses and stand-alone primary mental health cases with success. They plan, layout and implement customized, integrated treatment programs for mental health cases, providing:

  • Medically supervised safer more comfortable treatment
  • Evidence-based mental health treatment modalities
  • Motivational enhancements along with warm and caring community support
  • Free Comprehensive family wellness support including intervention counseling
  • Behavioral and corresponding therapy (services available vary, call to learn more)
  • Continuing alumni aftercare mental health treatment support
Addiction and Mental Health Rehab Center
Specialized in Complex Mental Health Recovery cases. Staffed by highly trained dual diagnosis treatment centers team.

Accountable Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Our mental health treatment team members have been at it time and again. They are well trained, highly qualified, and specialize in complex mental health treatment. Caring for those suffering from various mental health ailments. While reaching out to families offering ongoing planning and support. We’ll show you how to stay on your recovery track even long after treatment here is done. Our care continues once you leave with alumni support you can rely on to make smart choices for your aftercare.

Deeply Committed & Attentive

You deserve personalized attention from experienced specialists who really care. Our reputation and accomplishments attract leading therapists – from medical doctors and counselors to other therapists (services may vary, call to learn more).

Highly Skilled Treatment Therapists and Clinical Team

Our highly trained therapists are skilled at bringing you out of your former shell and infusing real hope and change. All you have to do is show up. We can help many people just like you live fulling and happy lives. Feeling doubt or helplessness is a part of mental health illness. Even where you’ve struggled for years and reverted to negative behaviors time and again, we can offer you hope here.

Meet Our Executive & Clinical Team

While we try our best to keep this page updated, please know staffing at each facility is subject to change. While not located in a particular local center, team members may include executive or senior management or other team members who help shape, manage, oversee, or design treatment strategies, best practices, procedures, processes, and other clinical treatment programs.