Mental Health Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Discover comprehensive mental health treatment options in Fort Lauderdale, offering personalized care plans that integrate therapy, medication management, and support services designed to address a wide range of mental health disorders and promote lasting wellness.

We Level Up FL is a licensed and accredited center that offers highly specialized mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale doctors often recommend. With modern, first-class mental health facilities and comprehensive, holistic, and innovative approaches to addressing a range of behavioral health disorders, we are able to provide supreme care while aiding your rehabilitation and recovery. 

Whether you are a local or coming to Florida to seek recovery, we will provide exquisite service and safely guide you on your rehabilitation journey. Although we are situated in Florida, we serve people from across the United States. Our mission is to help you reach your full potential and live your dreams, no matter your location.

We Level Up Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale is able to provide different levels of care and successfully treat a variety of conditions, including but not limited to depression, ADHD/ADD, OCD, and anxiety. With our dual diagnosis treatment, we are able to help you if you are struggling with co-occurring mental health problems. Make sure to contact We Level Up FL and start your recovery or get the necessary help for your loved ones.

Learn About Our Mental Health Facilities in Fort Lauderdale

To ensure the most comfortable and pleasurable experience of taking care of your mental health, we chose a serene, sunny, and warm location for our mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale. This makes our inpatient treatment a welcoming place where one can feel safe.

A woman with mental health issues, ready to visit behavioral health Fort Lauderdale center

We Level Up Behavioral Health Fort Lauderdale is open to everyone facing challenges they can not overcome on their own. Dealing with grief or financial instability can be what brings you to us. Individuals with various mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, or phobias, are welcomed. 

Our mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale can, through a unique dual diagnosis treatment in Florida, also guide and aid those dealing with co-occurring mental health issues like substance use disorder while struggling with depression or anxiety. Whenever expertise is needed, we can assist you in getting back on track and regaining control over your life. 

Finally, our comprehensive family and alumni support and personal development opportunities will ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of even when you leave our facilities, ready to integrate into society. We understand that recovery is an ongoing battle, and we are striving to equip you with all the resources you might need. 

Warm and sunny Florida is home to We Level Up mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale.
Warm and sunny Florida is home to We Level Up mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale locals love.

Our Treatments

To ensure you get a tailored solution to your problem, We Level Up Fort Lauderdale Mental Health Hospital can assist you with different programs, such as evidence-based psychotherapy treatments or holistic approaches to care for your body, mind, and spirit

The mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale patients attend encompasses a number of disorders. We are especially proud of our dual diagnosis treatment and the possibility of helping you manage your mental health issues and recover from substance abuse at the same time. Here is a short overview of our core services.

Anxiety Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Anxiety is a multifaceted emotional response to a triggering object, person, or event. When emotions like worry and fear are overwhelming and impairing a person´s life, we might be talking about anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive, irrational fear and worry, surpassing what a typical person would experience with everyday stressors. 

Mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale offers treatment for different types of anxiety you might be experiencing. We acknowledge that each anxiety experience is unique; therefore, we customize and create a program to serve you specifically. We rely on FDA-approved medicines and evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches like CBT, as well as exposure therapy, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the golden standard in treating anxiety disorder, and We Level Up offers this treatment in our facilities for behavioral health. It has proven to be very beneficial for anxiety, among other disorders. CBT works to recreate patterns of behavior and, in the case of anxiety, does so through exposure therapy, aiming to face the fear underlying an anxiety disorder.

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Even if therapy failed previously, or are in the middle of a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about counseling alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. There is no obligation. Call our hotline today.

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As for medication therapy, our psychiatric staff is licensed to prescribe medications when they are necessary. There are three groups of medications to treat anxiety: antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and beta-blockers. The choice of medication is made based on your specific symptoms, medical history, and needs. 

Finally, we offer anxiety counseling for you to learn effective coping mechanisms and create long-term solutions for yourself. 

Our holistic approach and services tailored to your needs make us successful in treating anxiety. Additionally, by personalizing how we provide care, we can address your needs even if you are struggling with multiple disorders

OCD Treatment Fort Lauderdale

OCD – an obsessive-compulsive disorder – is a mental condition characterized by both intrusive thoughts and compulsive behavior that lowers anxiety triggered by intrusive thoughts. A person usually feels the urge to repeat the same behavior a certain number of times, which takes a big portion of daily life and impairs daily functioning. 

The lifetime prevalence of OCD among U.S. adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, is around 2.3%. We at We Level Up Fort Lauderdale Mental Health Hospital can help you manage OCD with a combination of therapy and specialized OCD medication treatment programs. What treatment will work best depends on your circumstances and preferences. Although a combination of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment gives the best results, research shows that OCD can also be addressed without medication.

Our comprehensive treatment relies on compassion and understanding individual situations. Therefore, we also offer professional guidance, education resources, and holistic approaches to support you on the mental health path. 

an OCD person washing hands, ready for behavioral health Fort Lauderdale center
OCD can be treated successfully with the help of our experienced professionals for behavioral health in Fort Lauderdale

Depression Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that, if left untreated, can have detrimental consequences on a person´s life. It´s characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, and a range of physical and cognitive symptoms

Mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale can address depression and any co-occurring mental health issues with inpatient depression treatment or dual diagnosis treatment when needed. Our depression treatment can include antidepressants prescribed by medical staff and based on your individual situation. Psychotherapy can help you learn to manage your symptoms, develop coping skills, and learn about lifestyle changes you can implement to help you manage your condition with more ease. 

Whether you are dealing with mild or severe depression, whether you just got diagnosed or have been struggling for a while, we will provide you with compassionate and personalized care.

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Other Treatments at Mental Health Treatment Fort Lauderdale Center

Other than addressing the above-mentioned mental states, mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale applies to different conditions and needs. We have vast experience treating ADHD, personality disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, trauma, co-occurring substance abuse, and so on. 

We can adapt to your preferences and circumstances. Although we recommend inpatient treatment, we can provide partial hospitalization for those of you who, due to school or work, are not able to stay overnight within our Fort Lauderdale Mental Health Hospital. Additionally, we can assist you with drug and alcohol abuse intervention services, including simple, crisis, classic, and family intervention services. 

Ultimately, we understand that you might have different preferences or feel more comfortable with certain approaches. We can accommodate this by providing CBT and DBT psychotherapy, both individual and group, biofeedback and holistic therapies, and massage and meditation therapies.  

We are committed to providing a range of treatments, equally in terms of what we treat and how we do it, to meet the diverse needs of our clients and patients. We want you to feel comfortable, well taken care of, and confident about the help you are getting.

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Specialized Programs and Support

More than just a disorder treatment center, Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale is an institution that takes care of your well-being and personal development. Our mental health facilities in Florida also offer coaching to transform your recovery and aid personal development.

We can support and guide your growth with a variety of skills training, business competence workshops, and recovery strategy sessions. Our goal is for you to feel ready to conquer the business world, feel independent, and feel accomplished once you leave our facilities and embark on the journey of living your full potential. 

An expert in mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale tailors specialized programs of support.
Our experts in mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale can tailor specialized programs of support for you.

Insurance Coverage

Mental health insurances make the costs of your treatment more manageable. Mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale facility accepts most PPO, private, and self-pay. 

Aetna mental health coverage in Florida covers mental health rehabilitation. This insurance will cover at least some of your mental health condition recovery treatment. The level of coverage depends on your particular health plan. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida mental health coverage is another insurance that applies to mental health treatment. It covers individual therapy sessions for people with mental health conditions, fully or partially, depending on your insurance plan. 

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Why Choose Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale?

When you are researching “inpatient mental health near me,” our mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale are sure to pop up with many testimonials from our previous clients and patients. Their recovery is our measure of success. 

Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale supports, rehabilitates, and empowers individuals to live their best lives. We work hard and rely on talented healthcare professionals, such as behavioral and medical specialists, who implement and constantly improve various specialized treatment programs.

We strive to provide you with authentically compassionate and attentive care and lead you to success in recovery. When you choose our mental health facilities in Fort Lauderdale, you are choosing a reliable partner and experienced guidance. 

A person with meditation bowls, which is one of the practices in Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale.
The holistic approach is an integral part of Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale.

Contact Us and Take the First Step to Recovery

Feel free to contact us to get more information, check your insurance coverage, or schedule a visit. You can always use our hotline: (855) 940- 6125 or visit the We Level Up FL webpage for more useful content.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

What types of mental health treatments do you offer at your Fort Lauderdale facility?

Mental health treatment Fort Lauderdale offers medical and psychotherapeutic treatments, as well as dual diagnosis treatments and holistic therapy.

Can you explain what dual diagnosis treatment is and how it’s handled at your center?

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a unique approach to handling two disorders at the same time. Certain disorders can co-occur, such as depression and anxiety or depression and substance abuse, and they might have the same underlying issue. Fort Lauderdale Mental Health Hospital uses dual-diagnosis treatment to offer comprehensive and tailored mental health solutions to patients with dual-diagnosis to empower them and support them in recovery and rehabilitation.

Does your facility accept insurance, and how can I find out if my plan is covered?

We accept a variety of insurances, such as Cigna, Aetna, and Blue Cross. You can easily verify your insurance coverage or contact us to get all the information you need.

How does your facility address the needs of diverse patient demographics?

With a variety of treatments and the ability to address various mental health conditions, we can provide service, assistance, and support for the diverse needs of our clients. We might be located in Florida, but we are aiming to aid people from all over the US. Whether you are a local or came to Florida to look for help, Behavioral Health Center Fort Lauderdale will be there for you.

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