Specailized in Complex Behavioral Therapy

We Level Up FL treats mental health disorders from Depression to Anxiety, Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive, Psychosis & most other conditions. We are a world-class leader with highly trained & well-qualified behavioral health specialists. Providing advanced evidence-based treatment therapies. Offering residential inpatient recovery programs.

Find Hope. Get Help for Long Term Recovery Success.

Behavioral Health Treatment
We Level Up FL behavioral health treatment center offers hope through science-based treatment programs.

We Level Up FL mental health center’s top mission is delivering the highest quality care for patients. We select highly trained, warm, and attentive behavioral health therapists to care for clients suffering from mental health illnesses.

While too often we see mental health disorders linked to addiction, our treatment team is well able and already versed in complex treatments. Offering a primary mental health disorders track along with co-occurring underlying disorders. We’re able to treat most mental health cases.

Science-Based Mental Health Treatment Programs

We Level Up FL Mental Health Center offers advanced treatment modalities. Applying for diverse science-based programs by world-class behavioral health specialists we’re able to provide therapies with the likelihood of improved recovery success rates.

Clients are welcomed into a scenic and serene treatment facility with manicured grounds with year-round sun-filled days. Their facility offers a comfortable and safe place providing personalized treatment programs by a warn and attentive team. We Level Up’s Florida primary mental health treatment center is able to treat stand-alone behavioral cases, along with secondary underlying disorders.

High Quality Mental Health Treatment Standards

Moreover, We Level Up FL, participates and allows unannounced JCAHO surveyors to physically inspect its facilities to ensure compliance and adherence to the highest quality healthcare standards. Additionally, random patients are selected and their treatment records inspected closely and thoroughly. Surveyors will also talk to the patient and any healthcare team members who interacted with them. Only where the surveyors find the center meets its high standards and guidelines, it can be accredited after an in-person review. But, that’s not the end of the process. Every three months, all accredited centers must submit data to the Joint Commission regarding their treatment process. That information is then captured on JCAHO’s, Quality Check program.

Accreditation Pending

We Level Up FL mental health center shall undergo a third-party review for its high-quality medical services. When choosing We Level Up FL behavioral health center, you’ll find a to be accredited JCAHO center, with certification pending. With some due diligence, rest assured you’ve selected a pending accredited treatment provider that is set to meet Pending Joint Commission Gold Seal Approval. With anticipated passing of finalized assessment to finalize shortly.

JCAHO -- Joint Commission National Quality Center Approval Gold  Seal Recipient
JCAHO — Joint Commission National Quality Center Approval Gold Seal Recipient Pending

We Level Up FL Treatment is Offers:

>> Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
>> Experienced & Well Trained Team
>> Science-based Recovery Treatment
>> Complex Co-occurring multi diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Free Mental Health Assessments

We Level Up FL will provide you with a complementary mental health treatment assessment. Your symptoms, prior behaviors, treatment history, and all relevant issues can be reviewed in your free assessment. Our trained specialists will direct you to suitable treatment options and explain what you should consider for successful recovery. Your zero-obligation initial assessment consultation can be further reviewed by our medical teams to guide you to evidence-based therapy options.

Your free mental health assessment will present your complete treatment program options.

Even if you’re not admitted for treatment with us, your assessment can guide next steps for your care. 

World-class Quality Care

We Level Up offers a top-notch commitment for quality care. Providing cutting-edge co-occurring treatment with exceptional and trained therapists. We’re committed to delivering long term science-based best practices modalities including:

  1. Individualized assessment and treatment matching
  2. Comprehensive, integrated inpatient treatment approach
  3. Ongoing continuing care for alumni and their families
  4. Dignified, respectful and sage Environment
  5. Family involvement in treatment process
  6. Engage and help clients stay receptive to treating
  7. Evidence-based and evidence-informed Practices
  8. Qualified staff, ongoing training, with staff supervision
  9. Personalized approaches that Include Specialized Populations
  10. External accreditation from nationally recognized quality monitoring agency pending  

Top-Rated Behavioral Health Recovery Treatment

Behavioral health recovery treatment is much more than just simple therapy of your symptoms. Your treatment team can help you fight off extreme negative feelings, moods, thoughts, and related behaviors. Our programs are designed to support the entire person from mind, body, and spirit. You’ll be supported by a highly respected team of medical doctors, psychiatrists credentialed and licensed counselors, therapists, interventionists, and coaches. We’ll go beyond traditional mental health treatment modalities to get at the underlying emotions and feelings to better enable your recovery.

We’re Ready – When You Are! Call Now.

Our hotline is available 24/7 to assist you and your loved ones. Call Now!

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about addiction and recovery. We can help get you or your loved one the addiction treatment they need.

We Level Up FL mental health center has crafted a peaceful refuge with powerful evidence-based treatment for those suffering from addiction and mental health problems. Here, you can step away from it all, focus on yourself, and truly begin to heal from addiction and underlying mental health issues.

Holistic Addiction Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment Approach

We Level Up FL provides bedrock holistic support including free family counseling. We’ll pinpoint and focus treatment on the multiple factors that sponsor your emotional pain.  As you progress from mental health suffering to recovery, your improvement will be felt as the crisis abates. We’ll be there to support you through treatment to recovery and even provide free after-treatment counseling and planning. We Level Up’s integrated treatment approach combines multiple mental health modalities to improve and make a lasting positive change in your quality of life. Your care is provided by attentive specialists treating co-occurring diagnoses to get at all the underlying issues. And their corresponding triggers and symptoms including secondary disorders as applicable.  

Inspiring, Peaceful & Therapeutic Treatment Setting

You’ll receive recovery care in an inspiring, peaceful relaxing setting away from everyday stressors.  We Level Up FL mental health centers offer rich holistic treatment programs including:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Peaceful Private Recovery Setting
  • Comfortable updated facility & lodging
  • Activity therapy
  • Life skills
  • Relapse prevention strategies and skills
  • Anger management
  • Symptom management
  • Diet and nutrition services
  • Medication management
  • Co-occurring disorders mental health services
  • Case management
  • Discharge planning
  • Referral services to medical, legal, work, self help groups, or other services as needed.
We Level Up Inpatient rehab provides 24/7 care and support from both medical and therapeutic staff.
We Level Up FL inpatient mental health center provides 24/7 care and support from both medical and therapeutic staff.

Warm and Caring Team

We employ truly attentive staff that really care for our client’s recovery success. Your trained team members work around the clock to ensure client safety, comfort, participation, and connection to both your peer community and treatment therapists. You’ll be cared for by medical doctors, nurses, therapists, and techs. Each trained specialist is dedicated to your recovery success. We employ continuous management and staff training to enhance the patient experience, driving for improved client satisfaction and recovery success.

Don’t Wait. Get Help Now!

We Level Up mental health treatment center provides client support and treatment you and your family can rely on. Get help to get on your path to long-term mental health recovery success.  Your dedicated behavioral team will lead you, no matter where you are in treatment or lack thereof. You’ll receive care from a comprehensive team of physicians, therapists, and clinicians who work together to deliver mental health levels of service best suited to your personal needs and goals.  Your therapy programs will tackle not only your needs today but the tools you’ll need long after for long-term recovery at home.

We Level Up Mental Health Center Can Help.
Our Mental Health Center Can Help

We Level Up FL is a primary mental health center offering secondary co-occurring treatments. We treat the entirety of behavioral health disorders including their secondary corresponding illnesses to improve long-term recovery outcomes. Depending on the extent of secondary behavioral disorders such as chemical dependence, we can first help assess your condition and thereafter guide you to suitable treatment options. We do not offer PHP, IOP, or outpatient level of care at this time. Programs, services, and treatments vary. Call to learn more.