Alcohol Detox at Home

When seeking help for a loved one or for yourself, many questions can appear in your mind, How does Alcohol Detox at home? Is outpatient or inpatient treatment better? Do the at-home detox kits actually work?

Inpatient medical detox and residential primary addiction treatment may be available at our affiliated facility at Level Up Treatment West Palm Beach. For some primary behavioral health treatment clients, medical detox may be required first.  If you have a co-occurring severe substance abuse diagnosis, please contact us prior to beginning inpatient mental health therapy. Treatment services may vary. Please call us to learn which treatment options are most suited for your individual needs.

Addiction Cravings

Addiction cravings and their withdrawal symptoms can make it hard for people to
abstain from alcohol and addictive drugs.  Fortunately, medically supervised
detox can help you ease through withdrawal safely using medications prescribed for this very purpose. Over time, the brain weans off the need for the addictive substance(s) and learns to adjust to function without the drug and the corresponding cravings or need to consumer more of it.

In some more limited and less severe addictions, a person may receive detox medication under medical supervision but on an outpatient basis, which means having Alcohol Detox at Home.  However, where a person has severe substance use disorder, they should receive 24-hour supervised medical detox at an inpatient rehab  and detox center or stand-alone detox unit.

Alcohol Detox at Home
Alcohol Detox at Home

Clinical service director we We Level Up, Lauren Barry, says detox centers provide the safest way for individuals to rid their bodies of addictive drugs and alcohol.  “Detox is very import to enable clients to safely begin their fist part of the recovery journey.  Clients can face daunting physically challenging withdrawal symptoms requiring 24-hour nursing care plus daily monitoring by medical professionals.  However, the temporary use of detox medication to safely come from drugs and alcohol without harm.”

Drugs that can cause addiction dependency requiring medical detox include:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids (such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and heroin)
  • Benzodiazepines (such as Valium, Xanax, Halcion and Ativan)
  • Stimulants (such as cocaine and crystal meth)
  • Prescription stimulants (such as Adderall and Ritalin)
  • Synthetic drugs (such as Spice, K2 and bath salts)
  • Drugs that contain THC (such as marijuana or hashish)

Did you know that recovering from addiction can be difficult and even dangerous without professional assistance?  Supervised medical detox increases a patient’s chance for long-term recovery and provides a safe environment during the first phase of recovery.  While Detoxing at
home or by using untested products can be risky especially where severe withdrawal symptoms  are not treated timely.

Take Caution as Alcohol Detox at Home Kits Don’t Work

Have you been unable to stop using alcohol or other drugs simply by trying to abstain?  If so, it’s likely that at-home detox kits will Not work and will Not eliminate your addiction withdrawals or cravings.   Whereas, FDA approved Detox medications especially designed to help you  overcome addiction must undergo clinical trials.  These detox medications require U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval and must be prescribed by trained licensed physicians. That’s why you won’t find proven cures over the counter or at grocery or even supplement stores.

Did you know that the most demand for at-home drug detox kits comes from people trying to pass a drug test for a new employment opportunity, probation or other similar drug test requirements.  Here, they are trying to beat a urine drug test.  There are also drug detox hair shampoos kits that are suppose to beat hair tests.  But, they all have one thing in common, which is they do not work.

Among the more common kits include drug detox drinks or pills that contain vitamin C, niacin, vinegar, lecithin, goldenseal and a variety of herbs. However, there is no research indicating that any of these ingredients increase the ability to detox from addictive drugs.  As a matter of fact,  according to studies at the University of Columbia, these ingredients do not work, and will not  detox addictive drugs.

Perhaps, detox drinks and at-home detox kits may keep you hydrated or provide limited vitamins or minerals benefits. But simply drinking water and eating a nutritious diet is an easier,   more convenient and cheaper option for hydrating.

We Level FL Mental Health Center: Primary Mental Health Treatment with Secondary Co-Occurring Treatment

We Level Up FL primary mental health center stands ready to help. Offering secondary treatment therapy for underlying problems like Alcoholism often fuels negative behaviors. Taking that first step to get the help you deserve can be life-changing.

We understand how behavioral disorders and secondary co-occurring addiction diagnoses directly impact each other. We Level Up Florida can instill a support system through our mental health treatments that can make you feel valuable. Call us now for a free mental health assessment!

 Inpatient medical detox and residential primary addiction treatment may be available at our affiliated facility at Level Up Treatment West Palm Beach.