Restoril Detox, Withdrawal and Symptoms

Inpatient medical detox and residential primary addiction treatment may be available at our affiliated facility at Level Up Treatment West Palm Beach. For some primary behavioral health treatment clients, medical detox may be required first. If you have a co-occurring severe substance abuse diagnosis, please contact us prior to beginning inpatient mental health therapy. Treatment services may vary. Please call us to learn which treatment options are most suited for your individual needs.

Restoril is a brand name of the generic drug temazepam. It is a prescription medication for treating insomnia. However, because it acts as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, there is a high tendency for users to build a tolerance to the drug and become dependent. Dependency means a physical or mental craving for Restoril and an inability to sleep or relax without it.

People who are dependent on, or addicted to this drug will experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop taking it. These can occur even if the drug is taken as prescribed by the doctor. Some people find the safety, reassurance, and help they need with Restoril detox, but withdrawal from this drug should never be taken lightly.

According to the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) [1], the use of benzodiazepines, including Restoril, exposes users to risks of abuse, misuse, and addiction. This can lead to overdose or death. Abuse and misuse of these drugs commonly involve the accompanying use of other medications, alcohol, and illicit substances.

Restoril and other benzodiazepines are classified as schedule IV depressants by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) [2]. This means that they still are considered substances with high potential for abuse and dependence, even though they have a medical purpose.  Even at low, doses, it’s possible to become dependent on Restoril. The higher the dose and the longer someone uses this drug, the higher the risk of dependence. Physical and psychological dependence on this drug can occur within weeks.

Restoril Withdrawal

Withdrawal from this drug can be dangerous, which is why it should never be attempted alone. Restoril works by slowing brain activity and reducing anxiety so the body and mind can relax. As a result, this allows the person to sleep better. Unfortunately, the brain becomes used to this assistance and stops regulating as effectively on its own. Withdrawal happens once the individual stops taking the drug. Common during the Restoril Detox process, withdrawal is a rebound symptom. This means that someone experiencing withdrawal from this drug is likely to have more severe insomnia than they did before using the medication. Seizures can occur during withdrawal as well. If untreated, seizures can be fatal.

Signs of Restoril withdrawal can include the following:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Panic attacks
  • Sweating
  • Seizures
  • Aches and pains
  • Convulsions
Restoril Detox
Restoril Detox: A dependence on Restoril should be treated by trained professionals.

Some of these symptoms are much more severe than others. Depending on the severity of the Restoril dependence, these symptoms will fluctuate. The more serious effects pose threats to the health of people detoxing, which is why professional help is vital. If a doctor is nearby and able to respond to new symptoms, it can facilitate a much safer and more pleasant Restoril Detox experience. 

The Restoril Detox Withdrawal Timeline

6-12 hours after the last dose

General symptoms of benzo withdrawal can last anywhere from one to four days

2 weeks after the last dose

During Restoril Detox, withdrawal symptoms typically peak around this time but gradually subside.

Months after the last dose

Some withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia can last for months after completing Restoril detox if they are left untreated. Professional treatment can help reduce these symptoms.

Factors That Influence When Restoril Withdrawal Starts & How Long it Lasts

  • How long someone has been taking Restoril
  • The speed of their metabolism
  • How high of a dose they were taking
  • Whether they took other drugs as well

Methods of Coping in the Detox Phase of Treatment

Develop a Habit

Withdrawal can make you feel weak, but developing a habit makes it less uncomfortable. The 12 steps program (Restoril Detox Process) is a fellowship that teaches strategies that help to recover members gain freedom from symptoms of substance abuse.

Take it One Day at a Time

Restoril Detox is an ongoing process. Sometimes, doing a simple task can feel like a chore. Do what you can each day. Start from basic things like short walks, painting, journaling, singing, and exercising. Eventually, you will be able to grow with these small tasks and resume your normal lifestyle.

Be Comfortable

One of the common symptoms of withdrawal is the extreme pain people feel in specific areas, like the arm and legs, neck, and shoulder. Additional feelings of discomfort include muscle spasms, tightness, and “jelly legs”. Wear comfortable clothing, make the room as pleasant as possible, surround yourself with positive things.

Focus on the Present

Anxiety and panic attacks are typical withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, while Restoril is a notable medicine for anxiety, it makes no sense to take it during detox. Anxiety and panic attacks present an overwhelming fear. Focus on the present. Distract your mind with things like music or writing.

Medically Assisted Restoril Detox

The most severe symptoms will happen when someone stops “cold turkey.” This means the person stopped using all at once instead of tapering off the medication gradually. A sudden stop will trigger intense physical and emotional symptoms in the client within twelve hours after the last dose. In some instances, these symptoms can be dangerous.

A person must seek treatment to avoid these potentially fatal concerns. If you were to experience seizures or delirium tremens (DTs), you must be in the care of medical professionals who can take the proper precautions. If you are alone, you may succumb to your symptoms. Medical detox is designed to treat severe withdrawals safely and effectively.  

Medically supervised detox seeks to lessen these risks with a tapering off schedule and the supervision of trained, qualified medical staff. If someone can safely detox in a controlled and supportive environment, they’re at less risk of experiencing a relapse because of the pain of withdrawal. 

During detox, the objective is to help the individual stop using the drug while lessening symptoms and ensuring that vitals stay healthy. In addition, during Restoril detox, the client may be evaluated for co-occurring mental health conditions.

We Level FL Mental Health Center: Primary Mental Health Treatment with Secondary Co-Occurring Treatment

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