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The 10th of October is known worldwide as World Mental Health Day – the outcome of a global advocacy and awareness program initiated by the World Federation for Mental Health in 1992.  Proudly, this is one of the World Federation for Mental Health’s most essential and far‐reaching programs.  [1]

The themes for World Mental Health Day extended along with the times.  Women, children, health, job, trauma and stress, suicide, and so much more became a part of the discussion, and today, the ordinary citizen is more aware of mental health.

World Mental Health Day presents a chance for all stakeholders serving on mental health issues to discuss their work and what more requires to be done to make mental health care a certainty for people globally.

The World Federation for Mental Health, founded in 1948 in London, has been engaged in advocacy and education to change perceptions of mental illness for 62 years.  Each year the World Federation for Mental Health selects a theme for World Mental Health Day, produces public education material for the theme, and makes it available to organizations around the globe through website downloads and CD distribution.

Each year on World Mental Health Day, thousands of individuals and groups will celebrate and promote the only global day for mental health awareness.  This annual program was created to bring more attention to mental illness and its effects on individual life, work, family, and overall stability of communities and countries.

We Level Up treatment center joins in raising awareness this World Mental Health Day through providing treatment options for mental disorders such as depression to chronic conditions and substance use disorder.
We Level Up Mental Health treatment center joins in raising awareness this World Mental Health Day .

The Importance Of Mental Health

We all agree that one of the most important aspects of a ‘good life is our overall health.  A meaningful definition of health as a ‘healthy state of well‐being’ should address the whole person, ‘the general condition of the body and mind.’  Studies show that physical and mental well‐being has a significant impact on one another – cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, the cardiovascular or respiratory disease should not be viewed in isolation from an individual’s possible mental and emotional issues.

Approaching mental health issues will motivate better results, better agreement, and enhanced quality of life for people who endure chronic illnesses. 

Mental health difficulties, varying from depression and anxiety disorders to conditions like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, hit millions worldwide.

Yet, even though mental health is so widespread, it is one of the most ignored forms of health in the world today.  Approximately one billion people live with a mental health disorder right now, and millions of people die each year from mental health’s impact on them.  Yet, unfortunately, many people still do not have access to the care they need to handle these concerns appropriately.

World Mental Health Day strives to promote awareness of mental health issues, increase education on the topic, and eradicate the stigma associated. It is anticipated that this, in turn, will inspire sufferers to seek out help and support.

Our mental health language has improved as words like “crazy” and “lunatic” are used less flippantly.  We come to understand better that they can be unintentionally harmful and stigmatizing.  While we’ve learned a lot, there’s still so much more we can do to develop as a society.

How to Observe World Mental Health Day

Getting familiarized and staying connected with others are significant parts of sustaining a healthy life in every way. Examine these ways to:

1. Keeping Mental Stability Even After World Mental Health Day:  Not every mental disorder is preventable, but some can be better controlled or prevented with the right kind of care and support.

Try These Plans For Maintaining Mental Health:

  • Begin Talking About Feelings:  Even if there is a time and a place for this, talking can support the brain process through feelings and thoughts to be handled a little at a time, which can help avoid crushing feelings.  Pick a trusted friend or take hold of a mental health professional or counselor who will act as a good listener.
  • Stay Active and Fit:  A healthy body certainly generates more of a healthy mind.  Getting active with exercise, sports, and activities can help improve self-esteem, regular sleep patterns, better concentration, and overall health.
  • Stay Connected:   Those who live their lives in the community are at less risk of becoming alone and sliding into poor mental health.  Having the lines of communication open with friends and family can help establish bonds and protect against mental health sufferings.  And if you have a struggle, instead of being detached, you’ll relate to others who can aid or support.

2. Join in a World Mental Health Day Event:  Multiple events will be hosted in-person or online that help teaches and provide support around mental health.

3. Join a World Mental Health Day Fundraiser:  Several fundraising events occur globally, so why not check if there is an event close to you and show your support for this serious subject.  Do local research to find out which organizations or foundations are extending support in the community.  Or connect with national or international organizations that assist those with mental health concerns and promote prevention.

The Importance Of World Mental Health Day

Recognize The Problem

This day allows us to reflect on our thoughts.  As a result, we’re growing beyond old judgments and clearing the stigma of mental health so that we can correctly diagnose it and take care of ourselves.  With the burden and doubt discarded from mental health issues, the fight becomes considerably more manageable.

Share Your Pain

Most of the time, we think that we’re the only ones facing a hard time.  That is why this day tells us whatever we’re going through, we are not alone.  You are not alone.  It’s uplifting to know that other people have gone through it and made it out to the other end.  It reminds us that we can succeed in our pain.

Due to the pandemic, many treatment programs are now adjusting to telemedicine or teletherapy to make the recovery feasible during this challenging time. This World Mental Health Day is an important reminder for us that help is available no matter what circumstances.
Due to the pandemic, many treatment programs are now adjusting to telemedicine or teletherapy to make the recovery process feasible during this challenging time. This World Mental Health Day is an important reminder for us that help is available no matter what circumstances.

Proper Or Professional Treatment

As our knowledge of mental health grows, so does our strength to seek proper treatment.  With the right therapist and particular medication, you can function on a more productive level.  The more accepting we are and the more help or funding put into research and mental healthcare, the more significant the global impact.

Determinants Of Mental Health

Various social, psychological, and biological factors determine the level of mental health of a person at any period in time.  For instance, violence and relentless socio-economic pressures are identified risks to mental health.  However, the most apparent indication is connected with sexual violence.

Poor mental health is also linked with accelerated social change, stressful job conditions, gender discrimination, social rejection, unhealthy lifestyle, physical ill-health, and human rights violations.

There are certain psychological and personality factors that make people defenseless to mental health problems. Biological risks include genetic factors.  [2]

Mental Health Promotion And Protection

Mental health promotion requires actions that enhance psychological well-being.  This may include building an environment that supports mental health.  In addition, an environment that respects and defends fundamental civil, political, socio-economic, and cultural rights is vital to mental health.  Without the security and freedom allowed by these rights, it isn’t easy to keep a high level of mental health.

National mental health systems should be concerned with mental illnesses and more widespread issues.  Mental health promotion should be mainstreamed into governmental and non-governmental policies and programs.  In addition to the health sector, it is crucial to involve the education, labor, justice, transport, environment, housing, and welfare divisions.

Treatment Tips For World Mental Health Day

In the context of national forces to expand and implement mental health policy, it is crucial to preserve and promote the mental well-being of its citizens and address the inadequacies of persons with defined mental disorders.

Awareness of what to do about the escalating burden of mental illnesses has improved considerably over the past decade.  There is a growing body of evidence showing both the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of significant interventions for priority mental illnesses in countries at different levels of economic development.  Examples of interventions that are cost-effective, attainable, and affordable include:

  • Treatment of depression with psychological treatment and, for moderate to severe cases, antidepressant medicines;
  • Treatment of psychosis with antipsychotic medication and psychosocial support;
  • Taxation of alcoholic beverages and restriction of their availability and marketing.  [3]

A range of practical measures also exist to prevent suicide;  prevention and treatment of mental disorders in children, prevent and treat dementia, and treatment concerning substance use disorders.

We Level Up Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center For World Mental Health Day

The exact definition of dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) can differ between institutions.  However, it is generally described as the specific treatment of someone who has been diagnosed with having a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time.

Treating dual diagnosis clients is a critical aspect of our inpatient treatment experience because co-occurring disorders are strongly correlated with instances of substance abuse.  Creating a treatment plan that addresses the physical aspects of withdrawal, the psychological connection with drug use, and managing underlying mental health disorders is part of setting clients up for success.  A thorough mental health analysis identifies possibilities for treatment.  Meeting with mental health counselors and medical care providers means access to behavioral therapy and medication treatment.

 We Level Up believes that proper treatment leads to change for better, healthier living. We join in raising awareness this World Mental Health Day and encourage you to get treatment for lifelong recovery and to learn coping skills to avoid addiction relapse or triggers that can stress you overwhelmingly.
We Level Up believes that proper treatment leads to change for better, healthier living. We join in raising awareness this World Mental Health Day and encourage you to get treatment for lifelong recovery and to learn coping skills to avoid addiction relapse or triggers that can stress you overwhelmingly.

At our dual diagnosis treatment center, We Level Up can implement the highest quality of care.  We recognize the fragile complexities of how mental and substance abuse disorders can influence the other and sometimes result in a vicious cycle of addiction.  That’s why we offer specialized treatment in dual diagnosis cases to provide the most excellent chance of true healing and long-lasting recovery.

It can be challenging to accept that you may be living with a mental illness, but once it is properly diagnosed and treated, treating the presenting case of substance abuse can be magnitudes easier.  Only a properly trained medical professional can diagnose these underlying conditions.  If you believe you are suffering from a disorder alongside addiction, we urge you to seek a qualified treatment center to begin your journey to recovery.  Call We Level Up today.

About Ryan Zofay

Ryan Zofay is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  He teaches personal development strategies that measurably enhance performance, connection, and mindset.

Using the teachings of his successes and defeats, Ryan has a unique ability to facilitate profound change for individuals and organizations.

Ryan feels best when he can contribute to those around him.  So, in the last year, he has partnered to give back to HomeSafe, H3 (raising 50k), and has begun offering the HOPE scholarship for those suffering from Substance Use Disorder without the resources to go to treatment.

Ryan is a pillar in the recovery community.  He’s offering both his time and is helping to fund scholarships for clients in need.  Most recently, Ryan inspired and contributed to We Level Up’s treatment center Hope Scholarship program for college students struggling with addiction and mental health illness.  Visit the Ryan Zofay Events page for more details.

For more info regarding World Mental Health Day, further resources can be found here

[1] World Mental Health Day – National Center for Biotechnology Information
[2-3] Mental health: strengthening our response – World Health Organization