Ryan Zofay Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur Profile

Ryan gave every ounce of his being to finding a way to become the person he envisioned himself being. He completed about 1500 hours of personal development training and experiential therapy workshops.

Ryan Zofay is Most Passionate About Sharing His Practical Lessons That Change Lives

Ryan is most enthusiastic about bestowing his effective teachings that transform lives. As a flourishing businessperson and motivational lecturer, he practices personal and business growth tactics that measurably better achievement, relationships, and overall mindset. Like virtually most of us, Ryan Zofay knows the anguish, sensations of anxiety and defeat. But he also knows and masterfully teaches how to overcome the most traumatic negative events to improve one’s life.

Ryan Zofay’s Developmental Training

Ryan is the creator of the We Level Up Development Series. He constantly inspires, motivates, trains, and leads developmental training initiatives to improve morale and deliver exceptional care to clients and their families.

Ryan Defeated His Childhood Adversities

Ryan is no stranger to feelings of setback and defeat. At age 5, he lost his sister to Alexander’s Disease. His parents parted quickly after as he saw his mom’s grief fall prey to drug dependence and the home abuse of her new boyfriends. Attempting to control his grieving, he frequently felt unloved, insecure, and as if he was incapable of protecting himself or his mom. Eventually, under her influence, he began experimenting with drugs to cope.

Born and raised in a high-crime area, Ryan’s drug use led to dropping out of the 7th grade and falling into the wrong crowd. By the time he was 16, he had been in and out of juvenile detention for two years and faced twenty-one felony charges.

Pronounced Dead at the Scene

While incarcerated, Ryan’s mother found sobriety and began advocating for him through the court system. He was released, and on October 6th, 2001, Ryan lost his life due to addiction. Ryan got into a car accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. Through nothing short of a miracle, he was awoken three days later from a coma and began sobriety on October 9th, 2001.

For the next sixteen years, Ryan got his high school diploma, worked with his father, navigated through several industries, pursued greed, and was in and out of unsuccessful relationships. Ryan found himself feeling incomplete and knew he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose. In 2012 Ryan got sued by the FTC and found himself miserable.

Ryan’s Life Transformation Begins

This was the first time Ryan truly wanted to change his story. He moved his business to a different industry and began investing in himself, his education and trying to find ways to impact the world positively. Though life started to improve, he still had overwhelming feelings of shame and limiting beliefs he learned growing up. He felt that he wasn’t good enough, didn’t belong, and didn’t deserve any good that came into his life. Ryan closed the biggest deal of his life, and on the surface, everything appeared great, but all of his limiting beliefs came up on the drive home. This is when Ryan began to understand happiness is an inside job.

Personal Development Initiatives

Ryan began implementing personal development principles, rituals, and routines into his organizations. Quickly he saw an extraordinary change in morale, effective leadership, team connection, and overall performance. He saw the power of healing through vulnerability and built personal bonds with members of his team and community he wouldn’t otherwise have.

Ryan Zofay, Founder of We Level up Treatment Center Founder
Architect of We Level up Development Series
Ryan Zofay Author – “An Unlikely Businessman: From Overdosed to Multimillionaire”

Ryan Zofay Author

Ryan Zofay’s story is undoubtedly inspiring, and his book, “An Unlikely Businessman: From Overdosed to Multimillionaire,” is a testament to his resilience and willpower. His journey from addiction to becoming a successful entrepreneur and investor is inspiring and offers valuable insights into overcoming obstacles and pursuing one’s dreams.

In his book, Ryan shares his struggles with addiction and his path to sobriety. He details the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them. Ryan’s journey shows that it’s possible to turn one’s life around, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Ryan’s story also serves as an excellent example of the power of perseverance and determination. He proves that with hard work and unwavering commitment, one can achieve even the most seemingly impossible of goals.

Overall, “An Unlikely Businessman” is an engaging, inspirational read that gives readers valuable insights and lessons on overcoming adversity and achieving success. Ryan’s story is a powerful reminder that our past does not define us, and we all have the potential to create a fulfilling and successful life for ourselves.

Ryan Zofay Author An Unlikely Businessman From overdosed to multimillionaire.
Ryan Zofay Author An Unlikely Businessman From Overdosed to Multimillionaire