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Co-occurring Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring Diagnosis, Importantance, Warning Signs & Treatment

Why is co-occurring diagnosis important?

Why is co-occurring Diagnosis important?

Co-occurring diagnosis, also known as dual-diagnosis or co-morbid disorders, is a clinical definition that describes an affliction of both primary behavioral health disorders along with secondary substance abuse disorder. Often one condition contributes to and even worsens the other. It is not uncommon that a person with mental health illness will use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and attempt to cope with their emotional pains. In some cases, an underlying addiction may uncover or exacerbate mental health-related symptoms.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), about 8 million adults struggle with a dual-diagnosis disorder with both mental health illness and chemical dependence (as of 2014). Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those in need, suffering from co-occurring mental health challenges actually seek and obtain professional treatment to recover. Those who suffer from both a mental illness and chemical dependence often exhibit more severe symptoms that are more persistent, and resistant to treatment as compared to others who suffer from one disorder, addiction versus mental health exclusively.

Co-occurring Diagnosis Warning Signs

How can you tell if you have a co-occurring diagnosis? The answer to that is that it can be tough to recognize by yourself. Even with co-occurring diagnosis signs occurring right in front of you. The more knowledgeable you are, the more probable it is that you will be capable to find the warning signs in your personal life or in loved ones that need help.

The signs of co-occurring dual diagnosis deviate based on multiple factors. For example, many people with a co-occurring dual diagnosis do not share the same type of behavioral health disorder along with the same substance use disorder. With every dual behavioral and chemical dependence case, evolves its own assortment of indications. Nevertheless, if you have a co-occurring dual diagnosis, there are several signs that usually are common among those in this group. Some of these signs include:

  • Difficulties focusing
  • Manifesting disorganized thinking
  • Inability to interact well with others
  • Changed in appearance
  • Easily confounded
  • Easily aggravated
  • difficulties managing emotions
  • Persistent drugs or alcohol abusewhile knowning risks of doing so
  • Enduring results of chemical depence
  • Unfolding unexplainable mood changes
  • Experiencing economic difficulties due to alcohol / drug abuse self-medicating negative emotions
  • Engaing in dangerous behaviors

Primary Mental Health Co-occuring Diagnosis Treatment

Located in South Florida, north of Miami, We Level Up FL is the south’s leading destination for co-occurring treatment. We provide mental health therapy, coupled with co-occurring secondary drug and alcohol disorders. Following a science-based medical model for improved addiction treatment, we employ evidence-based methods. Our programs include powerful psychiatric and medical care programs by highly credentialed staff providing superior care.

Offering behavioral-focused programs designed on healing the patient’s mind, body, and spirit and, a holistic array of addiction recovery centers. We Level Up Florida is the perfect place to receive mental health care, while recovering from secondary substance abuse underlying problems. Integrated trauma-informed and mental health treatment is always part of the path to recovery. With a great staff-to-patient ratio and extraordinary passion to help, our team is committed to your recovery success. We apply a custom-tailored approach accounting for your personal circumstances providing you with the tools needed to achieve long-term success.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center
Is Dual-Diagnosis necessary for you?

Behaviroral Treatment in Tranquil Setting

Located in sunny South Florida, clients are provided beautiful, renovated, and comfortable accommodations. Soon you’ll begin to focus on what’s truly important, you and your treatment. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, you’ll connect with what matters most in your life and learn to live free of mental health pain and addiction. Our locations provide post-treatment access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States and the finest tropical weather in the famous Sunshine State. Our location and climate give our staff the opportunity to create impactful learning experiences in a peaceful locale.

Visit our Gallery page to really understand why we can be a home away from home on your journey through treatment.

The We Level Up Difference

We provide a powerful and unique patient experience through attentive, caring staff that go the extra mile to see to your care. Offering effective dual diagnosis mental health programs using science-based treatment modalities coupled with secondary drug and alcohol treatment. We are the perfect choice for clients seeking mental health treatment programs that work. Along with recovery center programs for secondary co-occurring chemical dependency problems resulting from primary behavioral health disorders

Covid-19 Update

The Mental Health and secondary disorders addiction crisis did not pause during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are seeing just the opposite. More tragic suffering due to the isolation, anxiety, stress, and trauma caused by COVID’s impact on our nation. As an essential healthcare provider, our rehab centers are open during COVID-19. We’ve enacted safety protocols and enhanced procedures. So, don’t wait, get the help you deserve now. We know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced some away from treatment. But, addiction and mental health illnesses are even more deadly than ever when left untreated. With recent drug and alcohol overdose deaths making new record highs, recovery care is as vital as ever.

Start your recovery journey if you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, dual-diagnosis & or addiction pain. With one call, you can get help now while you are driven to change your life.


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