Holistic Health Focus: Women’s Health Week and Mental Well-being

Every year, on Mother´s Day, Women’s Health Week begins. This week-long event aims to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. The topic of 2024 Women’s Health Week is Empowering Women, Cultivating Health: Celebrating Voices, Wellness, and Resilience, reminding us that health comes from being heard and taking care of yourself.  Caring […]

Every year, on Mother´s Day, Women’s Health Week begins. This week-long event aims to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. The topic of 2024 Women’s Health Week is Empowering Women, Cultivating Health: Celebrating Voices, Wellness, and Resilience, reminding us that health comes from being heard and taking care of yourself. 

Caring for yourself should be holistic and encompass taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Your physical, mental, and emotional well-being are equally important and should be addressed on a regular basis. Sometimes, small changes are all one needs, like enjoying a hobby or developing a healthy exercise pattern. However, we might need additional support, from educating ourselves on mental hygiene and how to balance the multiple roles a woman has to actively seeking professional support when needed. 

At times, while taking care of others, women tend to forget to take care of themselves, but campaigns like US Women’s Health Week remind us of this.

Support for Mothers: Postpartum Mental Health

An ever-growing body of research evidence shows that postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress are very common and that they can affect the child´s development. Many factors contribute to it, but mental health prior to and during pregnancy remains the most robust predictor of postpartum mental health issues. Unfortunately, despite knowing this, many countries still struggle to develop specialized programs for female mental health or support systems for future mothers. 

A woman meditating as a symbol of  Women's Health Week
Join us in celebrating National Women’s Health Week, educate yourself, and spread awareness.

Postpartum depression is still often overlooked, and when it´s being treated, there is no specialized approach to it. Most frequently, it is addressed with antidepressants and psychotherapy. Rather than having systematic support from institutions, mothers can only rely on their loved ones, typically family and their partners, to help them in these struggling times. Professionals are warning that, although a type of general depressive disorder, postpartum depression has its specificities and should be primarily dealt with through prevention.

Luckily, some organizations and facilities have recognized the importance of addressing postpartum depression as a particular problem. We Level Up Tamarac FL understands that postpartum mental health support for mothers is essential for women’s mental health as well as the long-term health and happiness of their children.

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Balancing Life & Self-care

Most women struggle to find time for themselves due to their multiple roles. Typically, they take care of more than just themselves. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives, and oftentimes, they prioritize the needs of others over their own. In addition to that, women typically work and try to keep up with the demands of the modern world regarding looks and socializing. In the process, mental health often suffers, making campaigns such as National Women’s Health Week a much more important reminder to make yourself a priority.

A woman and baby as a symbol of National Women's Health Week
Women’s Health Week is a campaign for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Take care of the women in your life.

It´s not easy to maintain mental health while juggling multiple roles and seeking balance in your life can be exhausting. Self care tips for women balancing multiple roles can be a useful resource for learning about what jeopardizes women´s mental health and what little things you can do for yourself to improve your day and, with that, your overall health. Here are only a few strategies you can start implementing today:

  • Practice mindful meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Engage in physical activity and exercise.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and nutrition.
  • Ensure quality sleep.
  • Build a support system.
  • Implement self-care activities.
  • Seek professional help.

Seeking help from professionals might seem like a strategy to turn to when things become overwhelming. However, approaches to health, such as psychotherapy and support groups, are not only for dealing with acute problems but should rather be part of ongoing care for one´s mental health. Support is crucial for overcoming issues, dealing with daily struggles, and thriving in life. Getting professional help is just another way to support yourself actively.

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Women’s Mental Health Facilities

Another issue women face is the accessibility of health care. In many cases, the institutions and organizations women can turn to are available only in big cities, making it very difficult for women from rural areas to access them. Towns sometimes have just basic medical care, and no public facilities offer mental health care. 

Luckily, private facilities have partnerships with different insurance companies, allowing those with lower incomes access to different care levels. Sometimes, this is the only way for women to get the specialized help they need. That specialized help refers to gender differences when it comes to disorders or the higher prevalence of certain disorders among women compared to men. 

A group of female friends hugging on the street, symbolizing 2024 Women's Health Week
National Women’s Health Week reminds us of the importance of women´s mental health.

Additionally, women, unlike men, face various societal, biological, and environmental factors impacting their overall and especially mental health. They can relate to hormonal changes, societal roles, or traumas. More often than not, only professionals can understand those factors and how they affect women. 

Women’s Health Week reminds us, among other things, of the importance of ensuring easier access to Women’s Mental Health Facilities. Women are a pillar of our society, and granting them access to the help they need, when and how they need it, is essential for the overall health of our society. 

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Engagement and Recreation

Cultivating health is the topic of 2024 Women’s Health Week, and you can do it by introducing certain activities into your life. It might seem like a small change in life, but adopting a hobby or developing healthy exercise patterns can do wonders for mental health. This positive connection between leisure activities and women´s health is fairly simple to explain. 

Enjoying a physical activity, such as sports or gardening, causes the body to release multiple hormones, including endorphins and serotonin. This results in natural mood, cognition, and concentration improvement. Similarly, those who practice hobbies typically show better health, more happiness, fewer symptoms of depression, and higher life satisfaction. 

Additionally, if you opt for activities involving mindfulness, like mindful meditation, you can develop skills to deal with daily stressors and aid your mental health. Mindful meditation is one of those holistic experiences that truly supports physical, mental, and emotional health equally. You learn to cope with negative feelings, develop concentration, and manage emotions. 

Yoga could be another option for the activity that also involves mindfulness but places more emphasis on physical health than meditation. Regular yoga practice is related to better health at an older age, better sleep quality, and improved mental health. There´s plenty of scientific support for the implementation of mindfulness in recovery programs and everyday practice. 

There is no rule about which activities you should choose, so take time to explore hobbies and activities for mental health. Remember that the only way for them to impact your overall health positively is if you truly enjoy them.

A woman exercising as a part of national women's health week
2024 Women’s Health Week reminds us to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Women’s Health Week: A Reminder

Women’s Health Week is more than a campaign. It´s an initiative shedding light on women, the abundance of roles they are taking, and potential health issues they might be facing. Taking care of your overall health, especially your mental health, needs to become a priority. Cultivating health is, after all, the topic of 2024 Women’s Health Week.

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Sometimes, you can make small but impactful changes to feel significant improvement. Keep in mind that you can support the National Women’s Health Week, yourself, and other women in many ways:

  • If you or the women in your life are struggling after childbirth, explore “mental health centers near me” suggestions to find reliable, professional help.
  • If you or your female friends are challenged to balance multiple roles, follow simple tips that will help you take care of yourself while keeping up with daily obligations.
  • If you recognize that women in your environment can´t get the help they need, advocate for better accessibility to mental health facilities.
  • If you wish to improve your well-being, adopt a hobby or start an activity. It will improve your overall health and maybe lead to new friendships. 

The US Women’s Health Week is important, but it´s even more important to consistently and holistically care for your body, mind, and emotions. That’s why We Level Up Tamarac FL is always there to promote, support, and assist in your well-being. Contact us and get help for yourself or your loved ones. Remember, small steps taken every day lead to great victories.

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