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By We Level Up FL Treatment Center | Editor Yamilla Francese | Clinically Reviewed By Lauren Barry, LMFT, MCAP, QS, Director of Quality Assurance | Editorial Policy | Research Policy | Last Updated: May 1, 2023

We Level Up FL Treatment Centers Content Editor & Specialist

From the network of We Level Up addiction and mental health centers, the editorial team at is made up of professionals in the field of addiction. Our editors, clinical reviewers, and staff have more than ten years of combined experience in the editing, acquisition, and reviews of substance abuse and mental health content. For accuracy and relevance, the editorial team has written or reviewed thousands of content topics. In order to offer our readers the most factually accurate content available online, our reviewers constantly keep tabs on the most recent research from reputable sources like SAMHSA, NIH, NIDA, and others.

About Yamilla Francese

Yamilla Francese contributes to the creation and editing of content that clarifies substance abuse and mental health conditions for others using her experience as the content specialist and editor at the We Level Up FL treatment center network. Yamilla graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s in communication studies. She has extensive experience editing and producing authoritative relevant content for many businesses, including health and wellness websites.

Yamilla’s goals while working with the We Level Up team of certified medical and clinical professionals include emphasizing crucial information to give website visitors value and awareness in addition to practical knowledge. Information is given to people in recovery, their families, friends, and communities in an approachable manner with useful tools. Yamilla is driven to provide trustworthy care services, encourage people to live healthy lives and lessen the stigma attached to addiction rehabilitation.

Yamilla Francese, content editor, earned a bachelor's degree in communication from Florida Atlantic University. She has a wealth of growing expertise in the mental health and substance addiction industries editing and creating authoritative relevant content.
Yamilla Francese, content editor, earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Florida Atlantic University. She has a wealth of growing expertise in the mental health and substance addiction industries editing and creating authoritative relevant content.

Content Editor Personal Statement

I am honored to be part of a team that places significance on being empathetic and compassionate to our audience and ensuring we give the best quality resources and treatment options content. I have created successful content outreach articles that have aided in positive outcomes in the mental health and addiction recovery area. My passion and health experience and knowledge allow me to lessen the social stigmas surrounding addiction recovery while creating a positive, welcoming environment for those struggling in the form of interesting, fact-driven, and well-sourced content.

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Yamilla assists with developing, writing, and editing the content that appears on the We Level Up FL website.

Learn more about the We Level Up editorial team and content policies here.

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Medical Disclaimer

The We Level Up network of mental health and addiction treatment facilities works to promote long-term recovery success outcomes for people who struggle with substance abuse, depression, and other health disorders. Our authors, clinicians, and subject matter experts have worked hard to inform readers and provide straightforward access to resources and factual information about available therapies and the process of recovering from drug and alcohol dependence. We only release content that has been examined, edited, and approved by licensed medical professionals. Our advice is not intended to be used in place of or as a substitute for the advice of your skilled healthcare professional.

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